Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let Them Eat Frosting (take that, Marie Antoinette)

With apologies to Sprinkles, from whom I stole this idea, I introduce the answer to all toddler birthday lick-the-frosting-off-the-top-and-grind-the-cupcake-into-the-floor dilemmas -- The Frosting Shot. It's just frosting, piped into a plastic (thanks, Ikea) shot glass, with a few sprinkles.

Happy Birthday, Pink. Hope you enjoyed the sugar rush.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm reading the guidebook, and now I don't want to go

I love family vacations. Even more than the vacation (well, not really more), I love reading the guidebook and figuring out what I want to do on which day at which hour, and where we're going to eat, and what we're going to see (spontaneity is not a friend of mine).

I'm reading the guidebook for this year. We're going to that mecca of canned entertainment known as DisneyWorld. We've been before, just never with kids, and before I start to sound too snarky and ungrateful, I love Disney. Okay, I enjoy Disney, appreciate a good ride, and LOVE to see my kids having a good time. Here's the problem: we're still 3 months away, and I'm already overwhelmed. What is all this stuff? Is it really any fun? How do I maximize the fun potential without driving all the fun away rushing from one really fun thing to the next really fun thing?

I need help. Will you help me? Please? Send me any advice for making the mouse encounter the memorable joyfest I know it can be for a 4 and 2 year old while still keeping the parents sane (and maybe even letting them feel like they had a vacation).

We've been showing this picture to Blue - he totally thinks we know Mickey personally:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Family Fun... Taken Seriously

Red took up golf this past year, and loves to play. Since Blue is his father's son, he also took up golf. In fact, his favorite Christmas present was a putter from his uncle.

Since we were all home Monday, and the weather was nice, we decided to play a round of miniature golf - and Blue took his own putter. After seeing his choices at the miniature golf kiosk, Red ran out to his car to get his, too (yes, golf clubs "happened to be" in the trunk).

They might be taking this a little too seriously...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

An Authentic Mom?!?

I was tagged by my dear friend Rachelle, who is one of "those moms". You know the kind; the ones whose kids actually eat oatmeal and raw vegetables (and don't LIKE fast food), whose house is always just the perfect amount of clean, whose children are never bored, TV watching-drones, but are engaged in an amazingly creative, fun activity perfect for all their ages. Yeah, she's one of those. And I love her for it. And I'm more that a little jealous that I'll never be that mom.

My tag is to list 5 experiences/feelings that make me an authentic mom. Since I've only given birth twice, and that seemed like a cop-out answer anyway, I'll try to come up with something better.

1. I was a much better parent before I had kids. When Blue was born, I was shocked at how little I knew about being a parent, forget how to discipline, mold, teach, or train a productive member of society. I feel terrible every day for ever having thought things like "why can't they control those kids" or "my mother should have know better, she was the parent".

2. I secretly like the first day of mild illnesses - not the crappy, snot and cough-filled sleepless weeks that follow, but that first day when all they want to do is cuddle with mom - especially Blue, who hardly has time for that anymore.

3. I had to sit down the other day and remove my fuzzy socks because Pink (who is not quite two years old), insisted that they were cute and that she wanted to wear them. Ditto for my necklace this morning.

4. My kids fight over who gets to be put to bed by Mom. I'd like to think that it's because they love me better, but everyone (including Red) knows that it's because I'm easy, and will read an extra story even when I say I won't, and will sit by Pink until she falls asleep, even though I promise myself that TODAY is the day she will learn to soothe herself to sleep.

5. I loathe chicken nuggets. And hot dogs. I could happily live the rest of my life without another french fry. But they love them, and will eat them, and everyday I think "they're too skinny", so I give in, and the cycle continues.

Does this make me authentic? Or just neurotic, pathetic, eccentric, chaotic, idiotic, exotic...or any of the other 'ic'ky things that come with being a mom?

I'm supposed to tag 5 other overworked, under-appreciated, snot-covered friends. So I will: Corbie, Lynn J., Ann McD., Bonnie B., and Evonne. What 5 experiences/feelings make you an authentic mom?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting back to normal

Why is it that Holiday Cheer brings with it so much Holiday Busy-ness? It's been a busy, but wonderful holiday. We've done all the usual for a family with young children:


Screamed in terror at the thought of sitting on Santa's lap:
Worn bathrobes to church:
Had a great visit with the oldest members of Red's family:Fought with an allen wrench and power tools into the wee hours of the night:
Recycled some old curtains that were made out of recycled jeans (how's that for green living?):
Seen the joy and wonderment as only little people can express:
Loved spending so much time with Dad:
Because really, he is that great:
And finally, gotten ourselves dressed up to bring in the New Year:

The Christmas tree has been hauled away, the decorations stowed in the garage. We're surviving a nasty round of winter viruses, but anticipate being much better really soon.

Now it's back to normal life and the start of a great new year!