Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mr. Potato Head Giveaway - and a really great blog.

I'm still in BlogHer recovery mode, so it might be a while before I post anything coherent, but I wanted to point you to a great contest - my BlogHer roommate, Vermilion, is running a contest for some of the blog swag; specifically the very awesome ToyStory 3 Mr. Potato Head. I would give you mine, but he barely made it out of my suitcase before he was claimed by Blue and taken to his room.

Check out the contest, and the rest of Mundane Magic (including awesome posts on kids and technology) right here:


  1. You are the best roomie ever...and I am still recovering from that whirlwind weekend also! Alas, I'm not the young woman I used to be!

    I'd love for some of your followers to win that great toy...he's a classic! I've had to put him under lock and key here and try to avoid the "Bad Mommy" title for not sharing my sway with the kiddos.
    Mundane Magic
    "Amid the daily madness there are moments that make it all worthwhile."

  2. Love being Vermillion! You were mention on Black Belt Mama for that color fun idea btw.