Friday, March 12, 2010

Daddy really knows how to plan a surprise

Red was out of town for most of this past week - starting on Saturday. Blue is learning his days of the week, and will tell anyone that will listen that "Saturday is the day that Daddy stays home all day". When Blue found out Red would be working on Saturday, the look on his face nearly broke my heart.

When Red's trip was finishing, and the timing looked like he might be able to take some time off today, we looked around for fun, and found A Day Out With Thomas. We didn't tell the kids where we were going, just loaded them into the car. When we got there, and they figured it out, I believe Blue said something like "You are the best dad in the whole world". Not bad for the price of a couple of train tickets!

Here's the gang earlier today, loving Thomas(even with the sometimes-gale-force winds):
And Blue posing with a "mural":
Pink's favorite part was the 'petting zoo'. Honestly, just a little penned-in area with some very stressed-looking animals, but she loved every minute of it. I loved that they provided a ginormous bottle of hand sanitizer to use upon exiting.

Pink's favorite conversation right now is to ask what something is called and how to use it. After I talked her into a Harold the Helicopter (yes, I know the names of the Thomas characters as well as all the Disney Princesses and Fairies...don't get me started) tattoo, she didn't quite know what to make of it, so she asked dad:
Pink: "What this name?"
Red: "That's a helicopter"
Pink: "What do with it?"
Red: (um, where do you go with that?) "You give it a kiss" -- and so he did:
Honestly, I was a little disappointed when we pulled up here - it looked like kind of a small production stuck in the parking lot of a very sad train museum, but I was totally wrong. This was perfect for the kids - just the right scale not to overwhelm them, but with enough different, short activities to keep their attention.
Hooray for Thomas!


  1. Yay! Thomas the train also comes to Heber every year. My kids still love it, even though they have not read or seen Thomas in quite a while.

  2. Good job Red, it really is the very precious moments that we spend with them that means the most!!

  3. Yeah for great moments when your kids think you are the best ever!!!
    We have a Thomas lover at our house too!!
    Looks like a great day!

  4. We missed the Thomas the Train thing they had here last year. Maybe next year (although by then my kids might be too big).

  5. I miss Thomas! I too could name them all at one time. Now I'm trying to get all the Star Wars Characters into my repertoire.

  6. Evan loves Thomas too and I catch Todd singing the opening tune when we're working on the house - much less annoying than Elmo...

    Fun for you guys!

  7. He is the best dad in the whole world. I can't believe how dark blue's hair is! His curls are more than adorable.

  8. I am SO jealous! We totally need something like that around here - Tyler would love it! What a great adventure for your kids!

  9. What fun! I'm glad Sir Topham Hat did not scare them. Hooray for train rides!

    I just can't stand the thought of cleaning out all the Thomas goodies William collected. I showed him a collection of Thomas cards in a booklet the other day and he scoffed at the whole thing. Made me pretty sad.