Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A New Game!

Anyone willing to play, "Write a funny caption"?
I'll tell you tomorrow what's going on in this picture!


  1. It looks like Red is trying to get creative in his hidding places during vacation.

  2. Or Green has taken on another DIY project and got electrocuted.

  3. "Dad bought a bigger flat screen and has made me install it."

    "Here is your problem had the wires all crossed."

    "So Dad, if we hide out here then Pink and Mom won't bother us? Genius!"

  4. Red is desperately looking for the piggy who ran all the way home. :-)

  5. Thanks for the comment today - I actually have something I've been wanting to try for Valentines -- let me know if you try it :)
    Oh, and the cleaning can wait ... right!?! I'm putting mine off until I'm motivated, which usually entails my in-laws coming, and that conveniently will happen next weekend, so next week I will clean!

  6. i love the piggies sticking out- there's no place like home Ü