Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Princess Belle, A Jedi, and A Really Good Sport

I may not be the most enthusiastic participant in Halloween, and I honestly don't understand the fun of going door to door begging for candy, when we could all just go out and buy a bag of our favorites, tell a lot of lies (to ourselves) about not eating it, and then eat it anyway; but I tried to play along, and I do think everyone looked cute in their costumes:

Even dinner dressed up:
Now, onto some holidays I do get enthusiastic about - eating until we explode and dragging full sized trees into the living room!


  1. That was one terrific beast..I mean dad!!!
    I agree, let's get to the great eating holidays!!!

  2. I agree. . . there are much better ways to get good candy, but I often find myself raiding the kids stuff. We got our kids to pass on the trick or treating this year for movie and desserts. Too bad our dinner didn't look that cool.

    PS lets go play soon. We would love to find a fun park and play with you guys. Let us know