Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fa La La La Lunatic

Like most of my out of control projects, this one started easily enough. I volunteered to host the monthly playdate for Blue's preschool class. The premise is really simple - invite the kids somewhere (house, park, whatever) to play so they can get time together outside of school and so that the parents can get to know each other.

So, I invited them over. Then thought, "well, we could do something...maybe a little craft project...it's almost Christmas...how about gingerbread houses?". I didn't think, "But wait, you don't have a pattern, you haven't made gingerbread in over 10 years, and oh, yeah, you still have a million things to do for Christmas and the end of the year in Primary - forget that you might want to sleep once in a while".

Blue and I designed a pattern, dug out the old gingerbread recipe, emailed a WONDERFUL friend, and gave it a try - and repeated 14 more times. Here are the naked houses:
And after being attacked decorated by 3 and 4 year olds:
Blue, working on his house (to his credit, he did ask permission before eating his way through a pile of candy):
I don't have any siblings (if I did, they might talk me out of some of these ill-conceived projects), but I wonder if Blue or Pink will resent having to share everything or be grateful that they were each included in so many activities. Probably the former. Oh well, they each got a house:
Wishing you much sanity in the final days before the real fun begins!


  1. Why do seemingly innocent projects get away from us like that? How long was your clean-up afterwards? And now I feel compelled to share my runaway Christmas project. Hmmm, I think I shall, give me a day.

  2. Oh, Lynn! I can't wait to see your project! Clean up wasn't bad - a dog and a wet washcloth really got most of it pretty quickly.

    I have another project - if I finish.

  3. I still need to decorate mine.

  4. Looks like it turned out great! (I've gotten myself into a few situations like that before!)

  5. Who needs sleep when you can create happy memories for your children, and the rest of the preschool :)

    Great job, they look adorable.

  6. Whatever! Those gingerbread houses look perfect! I had a kit, a pretty secure base, 2 girls helping (10 and 12) and mine still looks like something our of Katrina...

    Your kids are lucky to have such a fun and creative mom. :>

  7. You. Are. Awesome! I have a store-bought gingerbread house that has been sitting on my counter for two weeks - we haven't even opened it. They turned out adorable!!!

  8. You are great. I won't even make gingerbread houses for my own family. We use graham crackers.

  9. I started feeling dizzy when I read 'end of year in Primary'....
    Don't worry, your houses brought me back. You are amazing!
    My store bought kit hasn't been opened for one year! I hid it after someone bought it last Christmas. Usually they do them with an aunt or grandma so it's really not my fault.:)
    Good Job Mom!
    And Good Luck with the next two weeks...we think Primary should follow the school year so we don't have to do all of this during Christmas!

  10. i love the name of your blog and the names of each person, very clever i must say... now, your crazy- those ginger bread houses look SO awesome and SO much fun..

  11. Incredible! They look awesome :) We made our village last night and I always have to remind myself in the middle of it that the kids are having fun - no need to pretend I have control - and to just let them enjoy the sticky, sugary, messy experience. They always have such great memories of that particular activity each year. So, glad you did them - and they really do look great!

  12. You are WAY too brave, but the houses look AMAZING. You made 14?? Are you crazy? I didn't even attempt to make 1. I let my mother in law do it. AND I am not throwing a party for Tyler's birthday with any of his friends this year. I am lame. You win the cool mom award. Your kids should be grateful forever and ever.