Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting back to normal

Why is it that Holiday Cheer brings with it so much Holiday Busy-ness? It's been a busy, but wonderful holiday. We've done all the usual for a family with young children:


Screamed in terror at the thought of sitting on Santa's lap:
Worn bathrobes to church:
Had a great visit with the oldest members of Red's family:Fought with an allen wrench and power tools into the wee hours of the night:
Recycled some old curtains that were made out of recycled jeans (how's that for green living?):
Seen the joy and wonderment as only little people can express:
Loved spending so much time with Dad:
Because really, he is that great:
And finally, gotten ourselves dressed up to bring in the New Year:

The Christmas tree has been hauled away, the decorations stowed in the garage. We're surviving a nasty round of winter viruses, but anticipate being much better really soon.

Now it's back to normal life and the start of a great new year!


  1. All time classic Christmas post...please make a summary each year so I can get my giggles and enjoyment. Love the new playtent. My kids are drooling with jealousy.

    And please...stop making those children look so cute. They are making my heart hurt.

  2. I still love how you picked out this new name and the names of your Family.. How can I think of something so cute.. Pink sure is darling with her yelling.. Love it. Your kids are so darling.. I hope your Holiday is great, Happy New Year.

  3. @ Ann - thanks for giggling; you'll never know how much it means to me that you get my humor. I think you have only yourself to blame if my kids look cute - in at least 4 of those pictures, Blue is wearing something of Will's.

    @ Benjamin - we actually call our kids "pink" and "blue" , because we are totally uncreative with nicknames. Thanks for joining us on the new blog!

  4. Seriously Claudia, I want a copy of that tee pee pattern. Pink's reaction to Santa is awsome! And, WOW, Pink and Blue are SO mini versions of you and Joshua respectively.

  5. @ Lynn - I do think Pink's reaction is great - we have maybe one more year and then she'll go on his lap willingly, and yes, it is as if we cloned ourselved, isn't it?

  6. Love the tent! Those were once curtains??? I'd love to see you test it out on the next pioneer trek...ha!

    Looks like you had a wonderful holiday season yourself. Glad to see/hear it. :>

  7. That tent is awesome! Good job. I haven't sat my kids on Santa's lap for YEARS. Luckily he still has mercy and comes to our house.

  8. @sjw - yes, the teepee was a set of curtains that used to hang in Blue's room in DC, and I really did make them out of old "I have a dream" jeans in mine and Red's closet. We did have a great time!

    @Charlotte - That tent in no way compares to your sewing projects - four triangles and some PVC pipes is no comparison to your family of matching pajamas!

  9. Thanks for sharing all your pictures! It looks like you had a great holiday season. I LOVE the teepee!

  10. We have never been normal so we should stop trying to get back there. Embrace your inner weirdo.

  11. Claudia, that was a great recount of
    the holiday season!

  12. How fun! I loved the tent that you made from old curtains. How amazing!