Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Red!

You've had a birthday, shout hooray!

We want to sing to you today.
One year older and wickeder wiser too!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy 34th to Red, whose real birthday is tomorrow, but who got to spend the whole weekend on birthday fun - guess it's an advantage to be born right around a holiday!


  1. Happy Birthday! I see where blue gets those fantastic hair.

  2. Um. . .that was supposed to have curls in there instead of hair. I hate commenting when kids distract me.

  3. I celebrated my 33rd with Wicked. It was awesome! Happy birthday!

  4. I love the birthday pie with one candle! Because, really, who wants to blow out 34 candles. Happy Birthday Red!!!

  5. Man - I really missed this one by several days. Sorry - Happy belated! Hope you loved Wicked!

  6. Happy Birthday and what a fun present.. Now I have this song in my head.