Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Like It Hot

The only real advantage to the Texas heat is that our water toys come out a little earlier than they might in some places (like where Red and I grew up and it snowed today).

We had our first ever adventure with a slip n slide.

Blue gets it:

Pink, as always, has her own way of doing things:

And where siblings are involved, there is always a new twist:
Here's to a long summer with no water restrictions!


  1. Yeah for summer and water toys!!!!
    Looks like great fun!!

  2. Must you torture us with your warm weather?

  3. Seriously, torture is the right word, Tristan. You can now only blog about the sun if you agree to buy us all plane tickets to visit you...and we get a turn on the slip n'slide.

  4. I am envious of your backyard! It is amazing. Our grass is about half weeds (mallow) and the other half is burmuda grass (a noxious weed everywhere else). One day we'll have a lovely lawn, one day...

    And we have yet to try a slip and slide, I'm a bit wary w/ the patchy weedy-lawn. But it looks like you guys had a blast.

  5. Look at that grass! Our slip and slides never really work. Our water pressure is lacking the pressure part. Enjoy.

  6. @Jenny - you guys are probably already living the good life with warm weather and the end of school!

    @Tristan and SJW - I'm just trying to compensate for the extreme heat that accompanies "waiting 3 days for the air conditioner repair man"

    @Lynn- that's genuine bermuda in those pictures - it's greener now than it will be for the rest of the summer, I think.

    @Team Tovar - we're definitely still in the learning phase on the "slip and slide" - it was still mostly "run and crash"...

  7. Sorry I'm a day or two behind on commenting - I've been looking for Texas real estate.

    Adorable pics - looks like loads of fun.

  8. Excellent! We are busting out the slip and slide tomorrow! Hopefully I can get pictures as cute as yours.

  9. That cool water and warm weather looks fantastic. Slip and slides are awesome!

  10. So cute.. And NO fear- I love the truck sliding along the way.