Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prima Ballerina

Have you ever had the torture pleasure of attending a small person dance recital, and noticed that one little dancer who can't find her spot on the stage?  The one who looks ready to burst into tears (or worse)?  I am proud to announce that this year, that was our Pink.

Of course, what can you really expect from a ballerina so excited to perform that this is her on the drive to the theater:
 In her eyes - and certainly in her Daddy's - she is a prima ballerina

In the true spirit of family togetherness, Blue attended his sister's recital - and in the true spirit of little boy-ness, asked every 3.2 seconds if it was over yet.
Honestly, this was a lot of fun for her mom.  Seeing Pink so excited to do something that was all hers, and not just another thing she gets dragged to or included in because of her older brother, was priceless.  Her little ballerina friends were adorable, and since I had the pleasure of helping out in the dressing room before the recital started, I got to spend some quality time playing ring around the rosies with them.
Her studio closed its doors after the recital - I guess the economy has been hard on everyone.  We have the summer to figure out what to do next, but I'm not sure it will be ballet again - especially after Daddy took her to see Kung-Fu Panda (and may have told her that Kung-Fu was just like dancing, but with hitting).  We might be looking for karate lessons instead.


  1. That's my little princess. I did encourage Kun-Fu. Perhaps just to avoid another dance recital. :-)

  2. I am simply amazed at how fast she is becoming her own person...of course she really had her own personality all along. I know the feeling of finally having the youngest enjoy their own activities and begin to bloom. Love, love, love these pictures of your beautiful family.

    The ballerina with her flowers is an all time classic...she's a true beauty! Did I mention the fact that Jordan once got caught outside the final curtain at a recital? Good times, good times...

  3. What a cutie...I love dad's encouragement of kung fu and his ability to admit why!!!!:)