Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue goes to school!

Today is the first of three first days of school that our family will experience this week. First Blue, then Green, and finally Pink.  Not sure why Red isn't in school - guess someone has to earn the money!

We didn't get off to a very quick start, since they both collapsed on the floor after I woke them up for breakfast:

Nevertheless, after a little prodding, we managed to get everyone around the breakfast table.  As happened last year, Red's bacon omelets won out over my spell-your-name pancakes.  Protein is a good choice for a first day breakfast anyway, right?
Here's my baby boy, all ready for the big leagues.  I can't believe how quickly his little-boyhood is passing us by:

All things considered, it was a successful day:  no one cried, no one got lost, and the report at the end of the day is that kindergarten is "great".  


  1. I can't believe they went back to sleep! That is too cute. Please, can I eat at your house tomorrow morning? That looks delicious!

    I love the last picture...he's so grown up looking. I love his hair all fixed like a big boy. So handsome!

  2. So glad he had a great day! Hope the same happens for you and pink on your first days :)

  3. You are such a good mom making a great breakfast for the first day of school!
    I love them all passed out on the floor, I can relate to them because that is how I feel when I get all the kids off!!! :)
    Glad they had a good first day!!

  4. He looks too grown up. Dad misses his little boy.