Sunday, October 17, 2010

Complete blogging failure

Somewhere in my mind, I think of this blog as a place to chronicle the really important things that happen in our lives - things like grandparents coming to visit, friends stopping by, important events that happen to those we love. And in that part of my mind, these things should be chronicled by photo, yet somehow, even though there are two phones in this house that take pictures, a point and shoot camera, and a digital SLR, we've managed to not take a single picture of:

Oma coming to visit. She was here for more than a week, played with the kids, ventured to six flags, cooked, cleaned, swam at the pool, and did I post a single picture? Nope.

The Periwinkles (yeah, everyone gets a color here), who are some of our favorite people from the Washington, DC years; whose son was born within weeks of Blue, and whose daughter is the same age as Pink; and whose company we love to keep - not a single photo. Nada. The kids playing, the adults catching up.... we got nothing.

Or maybe the Chartreuses? Since they came over hours after getting the baby they are adopting, stayed for a few days while we all (including our over-eager kids) watched this tiny little person in amazement, and let us share the precious early bonding time with their son. Did anyone whip out a digital imaging device? Not so much.

This week we've got the great-grandparents coming, Blue's birthday - and his first friend birthday party in years, and our annual church primary program. Even if I don't blog about any of it, could someone please remind me to take a picture of something? Please? Before my kids grow up and my mind grows old, and I can't remember any of it.


  1. Periwinkles? Now that is fancy. If it makes you feel any better. . .I have done that more times than I can even remember. Also, the thank you card for being such wonderful hosts. . .still not mailed! At least you came up with a fantastic color for us.

  2. I think we have the opposite problem - too MANY pictures. Why do you think I haven't blogged? I can never find the one picture I wanted to blog about.

    But as your friend and picture junky I will text you at least once a month to remind you to snap a few. :>

  3. On the upside you must have been having a blast. And there is something to be said for living in the moment rather than photographing it.

  4. I always do that. I take no pictures of the important events. I went to visit my sister and brother for the first time ever and by a lot for a house and got zero pictures. So I feel your pain. I always forget to get photos when my parents visit, too.