Friday, October 22, 2010

A Motley Crew

Blue turned 5 this week, and celebrated this evening with a Pirate-themed party. We were lucky enough to have his great-grandparents in town to work as slave labor join in the fun.

Here's Blue with his pirate gear on:
Great-grandpa acted as the tattoo artist. As an added bonus, he impressed the preschool crowd with his WWII era coast guard tattoos.
What's a pirate party without weaponry? Red acted as the swordsmith, and impressed the preschool-parent crowd with his balloon artistry. He also does poodles, but they didn't seem appropriate.
Pink was grateful to join in the fun. Green was grateful that she took a nap before the party so that she wasn't a cranky mess.
Wondering how we managed to have a party at our house but still take pictures? Here's Blue's girlfriend Pretzel - her mom took all the pictures in this blog post.
The requested Pirate ship cake. With a major shout-out to my friend Mauve who showed up late last night to save me from my frosting nightmare.
Nothing quiets a room full of kids down like a great-grandma with a story book. The perfect transition from outside games to sitting still for pizza.
Happy Birthday Blue! Here's to another swashbucklin' year.


  1. Is Mauve for hire? Your cake is clearly better than my disaster! And I live that Blue has a girlfriend. So cute.

  2. Pretzel's mom rocks as a photographer, great photos! You, my favorite overachiever, hosted an amazing Pirate bash...AJ's spent all of her brother's practice telling anyone who would listen EVERY. DETAIL. OF. THE. BEST. PIRATE. PARTY. EVA!!! Kudos, friend...super fun (big bro shared his undeserved booty story too, he'll work for you anytime!)

  3. Happy Birthday Blue! That cake looks amazing. Looks like it turned out to be a great party.

  4. What an awesome party for Blue! I simply cannot believe he is five...Arrrrgh, shiver me timbers!