Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Tonight we had our neighborhood Halloween party and trick or treating. The kids were beyond excited, especially about the bounce house and trackless train. As worn out as they were from all that bouncing and riding, we still did some neighborhood candy begging. They had a great time!

A few words about Blue's costume. A while ago he insisted that he wanted to be the UPS guy for Halloween. I dismissed it, thinking he would opt for Superman or a toy story character instead, but the UPS guy thing stuck. Finally, in a skype conversation with Vermillion, who had asked about a few things that I have been really excited about lately, and my
answer was always "", Red put it together for me - the reason Blue wanted to be the UPS guy is because of my love of amazon, and that his grandparents and great-grandparents live far away. The UPS guy is kind of like Santa Claus around here - constantly delivering really good stuff. Guess I'd want to be the guy bringing the presents, too!

Proving that with the right motivation (party + candy), they can, in fact, hold still for a picture and act like they like each other.


  1. what a darling picture!!! I love the UPS costume :) and the princess is so beautiful!

  2. I love it...the costumes, the neighborhood party, it all sounds very fun. It was wet and cold here and trick or treating was hit and miss. Is it over the top to fly to Texas for Halloween next year?

  3. @Flora - you would have been proud of me - I made the UPS hat, and even used my sewing machine to add the bubble-wrap backed emblem.

    @Tristan - it is never over the top to fly to Texas for anything - certainly not to trick or treat in flip flops and shorts.

  4. I love the hugging picture--you could frame it! I love those rare moments when they show their love to each other. And great Halloween costumes!

  5. The UPS guy cracks me up! Kids are so funny sometime! Great costumes! And pink is adorable!

  6. Absolutely precious. I saw on Facebook that you were going to have to make the hat - looks like you knocked it out of the park!