Sunday, May 29, 2011

Enviable, indeed.

I know, I know, everyone is jealous...and really, who wouldn't be?  It's only May and we're already in the 90's temperature-wise, which means the first round of swimming lessons is already over.  We've had the chance to be taught by a cowgirl with an alligator in her hat...
...been forced to swim like a fish....
 ...worked on our freestyle swim stroke....
 ...been given unintelligible instructions like "hum your bubbles" and "pull your arms"....
 ...and been pushed helped off the diving board.
Yup, pretty enviable stuff.


  1. We've been in the pool the past two weeks too. And it looks like our days of 90 degrees are at an end, the forcast here is now 100+ for the next three months.
    (blogger doesn't like my log-in today, weird)

  2. Way to be positive about the heat! I love your swim lady and her dapper attire. I mean how many people can pull off the alligator on the hat?

  3. I'm craving some good pool time. Although I think I can wait for the 90+ degree weather a bit longer!

  4. I envy it! June 2nd and we're still just 60 degrees. We froze in the wind at the park today. (although I may ski on the 4th of July and that would be pretty cool!) Mostly I envy the swim teacher in the crocodile hat. I LOVE independent swim teachers. We are at the mercy of mass group swimming lessons that I am wondering if they even help at all. It's so fun to see all the fun your family has through your blog!