Sunday, May 29, 2011

When Dad pays up, he really pays up!

About a month ago, Pink accepted a challenge to stay in bed for 30 days in a row - with a reward of a night in a hotel if she could do it.  It turns out that given the appropriate motivation, anything is possible.  We had to sneak in a few "bonus points" to make it to Memorial Day weekend, but last Friday, Pink filled her sticker chart and was rewarded with a night and two days in this:
 The biggest indoor water park I have ever seen - and all of it connected to a hotel.  Fabulous!  We were able to use the water park starting early afternoon Friday, spend the night in the rustic-themed room (and start our day with pajamas, pop tarts, and cartoons)...
 ...and finish with a full day of water slides, lazy river, and wave pool on Saturday. Absolutely fun!
There was also an outdoor pool and more water slides (and yes, I managed to let every person get a sunburn).  Pink still refuses to take her wristband off, and keeps telling us she is going back to the hotel!


  1. I want a sticker chart and a night in that hotel.

  2. If I stay in my bed for a month, can I come too? What an awsome place (and Dad for paying up).


  3. Yeah for staying in bed and what a hotel to stay at. You are lucky to live so close to one.

  4. This is why sticker charts are the greatest invention ever created.