Sunday, May 22, 2011

Everything I know, I learned in Pre-K.

 As those who have known us for a while realize, we really like going to school.  Since we have been married, we have experienced 4 college graduations. This past week, Blue reached his first educational milestone, with graduation from his Pre-K program.  Despite being a big man on campus, he managed to avoid the late-night parties (bedtime is still 7pm) and binge milk drinking.

Pictured above is the sweetest group of preschoolers one could ever hope to meet, and to the right are his 2 fantastic teachers - Ms. Jen and Ms. Jacee, who proudly taught in room J this year.
 As part of the festivities, the kids performed several songs including "Deep in the Heart of Texas", of course.  In keeping with his Yankee roots, Blue sang with heart and feeling, but had his cowboy hat on backwards.

We are so proud of all that Blue has accomplished - he can read, write his full name, and do basic math.  He is ready for his next adventure: the public school system!


  1. I expect great things from our little man.

  2. Tiago would have loved to had such a fantastic preschool experience. To answer your question posted a long time ago. . .we pulled Tiago out because it was worse than bad daycare and they just called it Pre-K. We are still debating what to do for this next year. Our school system had good reviews at one point and now I am wondering who was paid to write such falsehoods.

    On a positive note, Blue looks like he has had a fantastic year and I love that hat!

  3. I've never put any of my kids in preschool, but this year my youngest will be going somewhere. I hope it is as good an experience.