Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Great Indoors

I have long claimed that summers in Texas are the winters of more northern climates - not that it is cold here, but rather that this is the season where we huddle indoors around our air conditioner vents and don't go outside in regular clothing expecting to be comfortable. So unlike previous places we have lived, summer is an indoor season. This also means that we have to come up with some indoor activities. Today I pulled out all the stops, and we did two separate goofy activities.

The first is one we forget about for a while and when we remember it again it is that much more fun. We call it "firefly" - which is funny because Blue doesn't remember ever seeing a firefly, and Pink has never seen one. Anyway, this game involves a green laser pointer and a lot of imagination. I shine the laser pointer at the walls, floors, and ceilings, and the kids (and dog) chase it around the house. Yes, I know this type of setup was sold as a cat toy, but it works for kids too. Everyone loves chasing (and occasionally catching) the firefly, and when I've had enough of the dog running full speed into the walls, I shoo the firefly out the door, and hide the laser pointer until the next time.

Our latest indoor game was a scavenger hunt with map. My friend Holly did this with her kids a while ago in the backyard, but I had already been outside once today, so we played indoors. It took a couple of rounds of explanation before Blue understood this, but once he got it, he had a great time. We used my drawn "map" (yes, art is not my strong suit) of the house and hid golf balls. I hid the golf balls the first few times, and then Blue loved it so much, he took the next dozen rounds. I was impressed that he understood not only my sketching, but the idea of map reading. Definitely one to play again on a rainy day (and by "rainy" I mean "blazing sun").


  1. Those are some great ideas!! I will certainly have to try it when our "never leave your house" weather comes. :>

  2. I always felt the same way when I lived in NC. Summer was the inside season. I love the scavenger hunt. I may try that with my kids next week.

  3. Thanks for the fantastic ideas. We have been secretly loving the hurricane because it has given us constant cloud cover for days.

  4. Cute ideas! I don't know what it is about scavenger hunts...but I've never met a kid who didn't love them. I bet they had a great time! Also, I read some of your older posts about the sibling rivalry (battery!). Tyler and Abby are 23 months apart and they are 7 and 5 now. Their fighting seems to go in waves, but it has definitely quieted since they have been older. Hang in there! You are a great mom. I think the fact that they are boy and girl makes it a little easier in the long run too!