Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Dark Side of Saturday

What do a power outage, the hottest day of the year, 2 locksmiths, and an accordion player have in common?

Normally, not a whole lot, but today, through an unusual sequence of events, they were all part of our Saturday.

We started the day innocently enough - Red speed mowed the lawn while the kids and I ran to the donut store for breakfast so that we could make it to Blue's soccer game on time and in full sugar high. After soccer, we took advantage of a generous agreement we have with our neighbors - we take care of their fish and collect the mail, and they let us use their pool while they are out of town. Since we were only planning to be in the pool for 30 minutes, and we only walk across our back alley to get there, we didn't put on sunscreen, didn't take an extra swim diaper, and decided to just go out the garage, and thus, not take any keys with us.

While in the pool, we notice that the power has gone out in the neighborhood. We didn't think anything of this, and finished our swim. Back at the garage, we plugged the code into the garage door opener (knowing full well that it is new and had a battery backup for power outages), and nothing happened (so much for the battery). We ran into a neighbor who told us the power was supposed to be back on in about an hour, so we figured we'd just swim a little longer. An hour later, no power, and a chat with the now-onsite crew says that we'll be out for a while. A frantic knocking on some doors to find someone, anyone home, leads us to a person with a cell phone willing to call a locksmith. We wait, and we wait. The kids are hot, tired, and hungry. The adults are too. We wait some more. Finally, 2 locksmiths show up. On the bright side, it turns out that our house is incredibly difficult to break into. On the less than bright side, we've been outside now for about 4 hours when they finally get into the house.

To soothe our fried nerves and fried bodies, we decide that since we can't cook and have no A/C, we'll have dinner at our favorite German deli - because, really, what doesn't say, "wow, we've had a crazy day" like ending it with sauerkraut. To Pink's extreme amusement, there was live music in the restaurant - lucky us, the accordion player knew all the notes to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

(sorry this guy is sideways, I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to turn the phone that direction - it's been a long day)


  1. That does not sound like a nice Saturday at all. How did your kids deal with it? Mine would have been beyond grumpy!

  2. @ Trista - they're pretty good kids, and we really did try to make the best of it to not let them know what a stressful situation it was. Fortunately, we were in our own backyard for much of this, so we played with the yard toys, including bubbles and some of the water stuff. The worst part was that they fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner, so they woke up a little less than chipper, but the kids' plates come with a pretty large cookie that makes everyone happier.

  3. were given lemons and you made sauerkraut! You win the prize for most patient and persistant family today. What a day!

  4. Well at least you found out your house is fairly burglar proof without anything getting stolen. Also, I'm really wanting in on a goldfish/mail for a swim in a backyard pool deal. :>

  5. @Ann - I just snort-laughed. Thanks for that comment!

    @SJW - house down the street is for sale...won't you be my neighbor?

  6. That sounds awful! Were you all burned to a crisp?

  7. We would love to be your neighbor! Just need to find a job and we're packing. :>