Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When Junk Attacks

My life is not a model of order and efficiency. I like things organized, but I certainly have been known to ignore a pile of clutter in favor of something I would rather do. But this week, the clutter is overwhelming. Over the holiday weekend, we moved some furniture around, and took the enormous catch-all bookcase out of our family room. Unfortunately, the bookcase hasn't found it's way to it's new home yet, so it's contents have been vomited all over the floor for about 5 days now. It's driving me crazy. I don't know what to do with the stuff, or whether I should just wait it out and see if the bookcase does, in fact, find a new home somewhere convenient.

As a commentary on the clutter on the family room floor, Blue built this tower today. He put it together this morning, and it's still in the middle of the floor. The worst part is, I've spent most of the day trying to figure out if there is any real purpose for CD's anymore, or if I should just dispose of these thoughtfully. Maybe they just need to be thinned, because, really, who in this family is going to admit to even buying the Boys II Men or PM Dawn CD's, forget actually breaking one out and listening to it?


  1. Love the creative tower!!
    Why do we keep old cd's that we haven't listened to since the 90's?!!!

  2. I keep all of my CDs in one of those binders made for keeping CDs. I've always hated jewel cases.

    Those help. Also, have been little by little ripping them to my computer so I have the music digitally as well.

    You COULD try selling some of them. I think there are still a few CD Warehouses left (buy/sell/trade). I think there's one near us.

    Oh, and I know about clutter -- we have a pile in one corner of our bedroom that was supposed to be divided up into donate/give to friends/sell. It has now merged. But, I have do sort it out as Brian promised that all proceeds from sold stuff go to my "new computer" fun. Yay!

    Good luck!

  3. Umm, I just downloaded all of my B2M CD's to my itunes. Same with all of my rock ballads. So in the words of 'Cinderella' you don't know what you've got til its gone!

  4. I always feel the drive to get rid of stuff after I watch an episode of Hoarders just in the outside chance I am one and don't realize it yet.

  5. Somethings are better left not admitted! A bookshelf exploded into my room would make me crazy. Although it would blend in with the rest of the house right now.