Monday, July 19, 2010

How Can Summer Be Half Over?

Pink's Rec Center ballet class ended on Saturday with the performance of 'The Teddy Bear Dance,' and we all clapped and cheered like she had mastered Swan Lake. I had a great time with this - maybe because I like doing her hair, maybe because she loves being such a girly girl, or maybe because I am entertained that she stayed in class all by herself for the second week in a row with the promise of a treat from the vending machines (crazy chick - who picks ranch potato chips over chocolate?) and I find myself regretting all those times I didn't understand why parents bribe their children.

Since it's all over until I can find a more permanent studio for her, here are the pics:

"Sassy Ballerina"
"Princess Arms"
The only two little girls who made it through the whole class:
Doing her best to follow along. My favorite part of this is that she's concentrating so hard, she's sticking out her tongue. And the farmer tan. Not exactly elegant.
For us, we are also marking the half-way point of summer. From here on, it's a countdown to the school year. The time has already passed much too quickly - I had so many big plans for us, and now I've just realized that Blue has not a single pair of long pants, so I guess I'll be scrapping a few plans in favor of school shopping.


  1. What a cute ballerina! I'm glad she is finally making it through her class by herself. It's definitely a BIG milestone for kids that age. And I'm right there with you - how is summer half over???

  2. For the love, summer just started here but you're right that it's half over! Maybe I should move to a place where it's permanently summer.

    Love the ballerina - that's so fun! I'm sure she could master Swan Lake if she put her feet to it. :>

  3. She looks just. like. you. Adorable.