Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Man on Campus

I offered the spell-your-name with pancakes breakfast this morning, and was rejected...apparently, Dad's omelets are better than my pancakes. I offered to walk him to class, and was rejected...but eventually he had to let me when he realized it was a rule that the parents walk the kids to class on the first day. I offered a goodbye hug, and was rejected...he was already too busy learning the ropes.

At least he let me take a first day of school picture!

Pink can't help but be part of the action. She spent all morning asking if she could go to preschool too. I told her to wait until next year, and then took her grocery shopping (hooray, one kid at the grocery store!) and to story time. I think she enjoyed the one-on-one time with mom, but she clearly missed her big brother.
The first day went well, Blue came out of school smiling and happy, with a backpack full of preschool homework (which roughly translates to mother/son craft projects with a theme), and an assignment to get a bigger backpack (the one he had didn't fit a full-sized folder appropriately). We did some of the homework today, and we have more for tomorrow. We did manage to score a 50% off backpack at Target this afternoon, and it has lots of extra space for a hot glue gun - just in case we need it for all those craft projects...maybe father does know best.


  1. I didn't get a goodbye hug either, or even a goodbye. And apparently he's already decided on his favorite girl. What's with the homework? We didn't get any of that. Z didn't even get any homework his first week of 2nd grade. By the way, I think C misses Blue.

  2. Homework in preschool? What is this world coming to?
    Hold on to that glue gun, it really might come in handy!!!