Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's a Sucker Born Every Minute

Why am I removing a hot glue gun from Blue's backpack? Because tomorrow is the first day of school and his father thinks he's funny. Yes, the enviable "first day of Pre-K".

To Blue, it's a big deal - preschool every day, more responsibilities, new shoes...

Apparently to his parents, not so much. When putting Blue to bed today, I thought we should check on his wardrobe choices for tomorrow. Good thing I did, or he would be making his Pre-K debut in hand-me-down seersucker shorts (which he loves, but probably aren't the nicest thing in his closet). After starting the laundry, it occurred to me to assemble his backpack, which doesn't really need to have much in it - other than a change of clothes, which, as I mentioned, are currently being laundered. Red, ever the helpful one, decides to help pack the backpack - by inserting a hot glue gun.

Me: "What are you doing?"
Red: "This will be the first time a preschool teacher looks in a backpack and says, 'what the $#%^@?"
Me, laughing uncontrollably: "Please don't help anymore"

It's 11:30pm. Our day starts in about 6 hours. Am I sleeping? Nope, blogging. Someone help us all.


  1. HA! That made me laugh. . .I could only imagine what the teacher would have thought. As a side note, Fernando has a month long rotation up in your neck of the woods during October. We probably will come visit and I would love to get together. I'll email you when it gets closer.

  2. That's hilarious! Love when the dad's help!!!

  3. Would glue guns fall under the no tolerance policies most schools have? Because he might just be setting your kids up for a bad permanent record. Get into the ivy league? "Sure he has a 5.6 GPA and already earned the Nobel Peace Prize ... but he brought a type of gun to school in preschool so we can't let him in"