Friday, June 11, 2010

Artificial Intelligence

I feel a little silly writing about this, but I love my new toy phone. In the last couple of weeks since I got this marvel of web-enabled technology, here are my "where have these things been all my life" moments:

- pandora on the go: I exercise in the mornings with a group of people in our church gym. One morning, no batteries for the CD player - enter my phone with pandora, and we all got to sweat to my Gwen Stefani mix.

- google sky: point the phone at the sky and learn the names of constellations, stars, and locations of planets. I even found the polar star for the first time ever. I'm a geek, but I'm okay with it.

- live navigation: the woman who tells me when to turn has saved my skin more than once.

- gps: okay, this is silly, but I'm totally obsessed with the geocaching thing. I'm trying to talk random people into playing with me now - since I've already exhaustively nagged my friends and family to go find stuff in the woods.

- email in the park: I think the grandparents have gotten more pictures of the kids in the last few weeks than all of last year. "Click, send, I'm in contention for daughter(& -in-law) of the year"

- mickey mouse clubhouse (or anything YouTube): the kids think it's amazing that mickey can sing to them while we are waiting in line for something.

I'm a little embarrassed about how long it took me to be talked into this thing - Red really had to go the extra persuasion mile. I'm slow to adopt new technology. I won't even tell you how long it took me to start paying bills online. The only drawback is that I spend most of the day trying to convince myself that it's me that's getting smarter, and not the phone.


  1. Googlesky sounds amazing. We have the iphone. I had a similar resistant feeling, but now I wonder how life was livable before (well to a certain extent.)

  2. What did we ever do in the "olden" days!!
    Technology is great and your having a good time with it!

  3. Welcome to the smart phone era. Once you know what they can do you can never go back (mostly because after using them longer than 20 minutes, they hold more vital info than your brain).

  4. Love this post!!

    I'm needing a new phone, but really wondering if I need all the new-fangled whatevers. Brian just got an iPod touch. Not the phone. But he loves it. And anyplace that has wireless he can go online. Pretty nifty all the things these phones do!

    Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  5. I'm the same way - I held out as long as possible (with people giving me strange looks in business meetings) and then finally caved on a high-tech phone. Now, I have zero idea how people of the world survive without being able to look up song lyrics while standing in line at the grocery store...I mean, some things are just that important, you know? :)