Saturday, June 26, 2010

In ballet, like life, it's all about spin.

"Pink, let's put your leotard on"
"No, I'm busy"
"Pink, it's time to go"
"Just a minute"
"Pink, you can have some lipstick if you get dressed right now"
"Coming, mommy"

In keeping with our summer of over scheduled lessons (ie, golf, tennis, other sports, swimming lessons, piano), we signed Pink up for ballet lessons. She thought it was a marvelous idea, and has spent the last week gearing up for the lessons by telling every member of the family that they would not be allowed into the room for her lessons - we would all have to wait outside.

She practiced before we left by demonstrating fifth position:

Of course, once we came into the classroom, Pink's big talk about everyone waiting outside turned into a plea to hold mommy's hand and sit on her lap. I managed to get 3 feet away for a second to snap this picture before Pink noticed and insisted that I sit within arms reach. What's so scary about a ballet teacher?
With her hand firmly in mine, we practiced running on tiptoe making "princess" and "beachball" arms, pointing our toes, and some stretches. For a first class, not too bad. To hear her tell it, she had a marvelous time and was totally into it - and earned a teddy bear sticker for all her hard work.


  1. That is DARLING. I must have a girl someday. Please let it be... if nothing else just for ballet.

  2. I loved the fifth position she was sporting and that lipstick was the bribe.

  3. So cute...and she gets to wear a skirt to class...I didn't get to do that until I was 14!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Pretty little ballerina!! The first class sounds typical for a little one though...she'll get better.

  5. Yes, but the real question is: How well did YOU do on your first day? Is Pink showing you up, or can you hold your own?

  6. @DC Diva - absolutely!

    @Team Tovar - I'm a little concerned about the lipstick bribe, we'll see what this girl is like as a teenager.

    @Tristan - the joy of rec center ballet - the rules are pretty lax...

    @tylersmom - I am sure you see dozens of little ones like this every week! She is so lucky to be a second child - if she were the first, I would have pushed her to go it alone and probably made her hate it, but since I know it is a phase, we just enjoyed our mommy/daugther dance class.

    @lynn - hey! I'll have you know I did just fine with the princess arms and would have won the tiptoe across the room race if I had been wearing proper shoes :-)

  7. So stinkin' cute!!! Can't wait for the first recital clips. :>

  8. Little girls and ballet are adorable! I hope she keeps her excitement for being in the class alone so you can sit back and enjoy watching!

  9. Oh my goodness! That is just too CUTE!