Sunday, June 27, 2010

The temperature is not the only thing rising.

It's summer in Texas when the best parking spot is determined by shade instead of distance, and you discover that a car seat buckle can double as a branding iron. It's also summer in Texas when the love-hate relationship with baking sets in for me.

I love to bake, but in the summer, anything with yeast makes me thrilled. It rises at supersonic speeds, and if I'm a little behind on my timing, a few minutes out on the patio makes up for it. This morning before church, I baked 5 dozen rolls. The yeast start practically climbed out of the bowl, and I had to rearrange my other activities because instead of an hour to rise, the rolls were ready to go in the oven after 20 minutes on the counter. A few days ago, I made oatmeal bread, which is generally kind of hit or miss for me because the dough is so heavy and the yeast start is unusual. Nevertheless, a few minutes outside, and everything turned out fine.

The only problem with everything being the temperature of a warm oven is that turning on the actual oven is not so appealing. Although, I might just be able to get around turning the oven on - I'm pretty sure that it was close to 350 degrees in the attic the last time I went up, maybe I can just bake up there.


  1. I wouldn't doubt that your attic is close to baking temperatures. Ours always feels like a death trap. Do people really store things in their attics or even sleep in there? I bet your rolls were heaven.

  2. I've got that same love/hate thing going on too. Although I'd rather use my oven during the summer than the range. I've got a gas one, and the heat off those burners is killer. Enjoy the bread!

  3. I have this same problem. I love how easy it is for the bread to rise, but the heated kitchen does me in. I bet attics in TX do get that hot. They did in NC!