Friday, June 18, 2010

What would you do for a handful of gummy bears?

In a few years, they will no longer perform on command (or for a handful of gummy bears offered as a bribe). For us, it will be tragic when they stop. For everyone unrelated to them...not so much.



  1. I guess enthusiasm cost extra! That was hilarious. We often try to get our monkeys to preform, but it is always a hit or miss.

  2. Success! What did Grandma say?

    I love the fact that they are so unspoiled that I mean that they do not chant "cha cha cha" between each verse and then yell "eat more chicken!' at the end. I guess that becomes part of the act at the age of 5 or so. (insert smiley here)

  3. I would do that for a handful of gummy bears, but it would not look near as cute.

  4. The real question is what wouldn't I do for a handful of gummy bears...and the list is frighteningly short. Adorable singing...I like how Blue squints his eyes toward the end like he's really getting into it.