Saturday, June 19, 2010

It Takes a Man to be a Dad

I think tomorrow's post should be reserved for Red, so I'm taking the opportunity a day early to pay tribute to the other fathers in our lives - Red's Dad and my Papa (yeah, I still call him that).

As I get older, and get to watch more and more kids grow up from an adult's perspective, I see how important dads are - especially the ones that are trying. As in, trying to be involved with their kids, trying to do the best they can, and trying to teach the values they believe in. I am grateful to Red's Dad and my Papa for trying so hard to raise the two of us, and for trying to be involved with our kids, even though we've moved them so far away from their grandparents.

Here is Grandpa with Blue, doing chair races. Grandpa raised 8 kids, has 6 grandkids, and acquired 4 daughters-in-law. That's a lot of people to remember - yet he still knows all our names and relevant information. Thanks for teaching Red how to work and about the responsibility he has for his family - it shows in the way he raises his own son and takes care of us.

Here is Opa. He has always called me his favorite daughter (so what if I'm an only child...), called Red his favorite son-in-law, and carried that on with Blue and Pink. It always makes everyone feel special. Thanks for always believing in me, and making me believe that there wasn't anything I couldn't do if I put my mind to it. Thanks for teaching me to ride a bike and drive a stick shift car. I can't imagine how you survived that with your sanity. Thanks for showing by your example that it's never a burden to go out of your way to help someone or to share what you have - even if that's only a smile.

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  1. Very very touching...what awesome grandpas to have.