Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tennis, anyone?

It's been a pretty typical Saturday for our young family - trying to cram as much fun into one day as we possibly can! Red started out this morning with golf lessons, so the rest of us had some time to play. We decided to check out the peewee tennis clinic at our local PGA superstore (what, tennis in a golf store? Yes indeed!). Pink insisted that she wanted to play, so we got her a racket, and discovered once again that she favors her left hand - she prefers to hold her fork in her left hand, color with her left hand, and even putt left handed (apparently, Daddy-Daughter dates sometimes involve putting). She held her own with the tennis balls for a while:

Blue couldn't get enough. One of his friends from preschool happened to be there, and he was so grateful to have someone to pal around with.
Apparently, Blue has decided that covering his face is the most important thing to do with his racket. He actually did a pretty good job, and certainly had a good time.
After Pink lost interest, we wandered around the store, where she discovered frisbee golf, and decided those lovely disks were perfect plates. She served me some salad and "picy tuff" (aka, spicy stuff). I still have no idea what she means by spicy stuff, but I certainly find it charming that she thinks I like it.
We also did a little geocaching, attended a birthday party, took an extremely hot walk to the grocery store, and tried to get Red packed for his trip to Newport Beach tomorrow. Saturdays always seem to go by in a blur, but I am so grateful for every minute we have to spend together as a family.


  1. Okay, I'm tired just reading your list of activities! Saturdays do become a crazy busy, let's pack it all in day!!!
    The PGA store looks like a fun place for the family to hang out!!

  2. My older kids are all taking golf lessons. My two youngest are both lefties. Which means, of course, new clubs every time they get to a new size.

  3. @Charlotte - want to sell me some left-handed golf clubs?