Monday, June 28, 2010

BlueGrass and BlueShield

I am in charge of most of the paperwork that filters through our household. Bills, insurance paperwork, car registration renewals - I generally do the filling out of forms, addressing of envelopes, writing of checks, and general tracking of stuff and how and when it gets handled. In the last few weeks, I have done more than my usual amount of paperwork for some pretty random reasons, but I just noticed that a really high percentage of this stuff goes to Lexington, Kentucky. I wonder why - does Lexington have some sort of monopoly on insurance and loan paperwork? Or is it that people with a last name in my part of the alphabet have been assigned geographically to be processed in the bluegrass state?

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  1. I so dislike insurance paperwork. There seem to be more and more hoops to jump through for processing...and we are BCBS also. We do not mail to Kentucky however...California.