Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making Up is Hard to Do

This picture was taken in the adults' bathroom. MY bathroom (okay, Red has half of it). That stool Pink is standing on - not normally in this bathroom; she brought it in.
So that she could get to my lipsticks, which I keep at the very back of my counter (after discovering that "in the drawer" was not safe).

After trying out several options, Pink finally settled on this one, and wore it proudly for about 1 minute until I attacked her with a tissue (before she attacked my white sheets in the next room).
Today I learned:
- Some 2-year-olds really are good problem solvers - get a stool, grab the stuff you want, figure out how to open and twist up a lipstick.
- Some divas are born. I swear I don't feed this, but Pink doesn't consider herself dressed until she has "accessories" - like a necklace, bracelet, or feather-accented headband.
- Some kids can't sleep through thunder storms. Pink was supposed to be napping during the time these pictures were taken. Blue, who rarely naps, slept for almost 2 hours through thunder so loud the windows were rattling.
- Some mothers can justify anything. I spent this whole episode thinking things like "oh, she's practicing her fine motor skills by taking the lids off", but never thinking things like "if I were a decent disciplinarian, she wouldn't be trashing my stuff"
- Some stages of life are much too fleeting. Pink is adorable right now. She's generally happy about stuff, says "I love you" a lot, and even when she says "no", she's cute about it. I know harder ages are coming, but I just love this little girl right now. She's trying so hard to be big, but still wants to cuddle with her mommy sometimes.


  1. I totally think practicing fine motor skills is a worthy excuse. Too bad we have had similar episodes with Tiago. . .yes Tiago and Talia. I confess that I let Tiago explore with the justification that I don't want him to be so curious about my lipstick that when he's 14 I find him wearing it.

  2. That is such a fun age. When my kids "found" my makeup I was equal parts upset they made such a mess and thrilled they wanted so badly to be just like me. Now I can run down and steal my daughter's makeup when I run out of something. She puts it on nicer than I do most days.

  3. Great post--and I say in no way should the word disciplinarian come into play in this scenario. And how do you like having a girl with hair? She's adorable!