Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Siblings of Summer

As we enter our second week of summer vacation here, and realize that Pink and Blue will be spending more time together than they have for a while, it is my fervent hope that they will choose to get along more than they choose to hit/bite/yell at/torment each other.

I caught them in a rare moment of quiet peace in Blue's bed.

Maybe what they really need is to share a room...


  1. And he is sharing the Cars blanket with her! Good thing you got this in a photo to document that the actually did love each other at this age. So cute!

  2. You're noticing a quiet moment and I'm comforted that I am not the only parent to let my child go to bed with a sippy cup. But I'm happy for you too :)

  3. What is with the Love Hit Relationship of siblings? My kids share a room and it really doesn't help with loving, but it does make for an extra room with a door for toys.