Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear burglars, don't bother.

When we bought our house, I was grateful to see the little box on the wall near the door indicating that a security system is installed. Little did I know, that the box and the little beep-beep noise that happens every time a window opens and closes in no way compares to the burglar proofing provided by two children and a dog. Let's face it, if you were looking to steal something, and saw this, you wouldn't dare break and enter. And risk breaking an ankle? Not worth it.
And not only would you have a broken ankle, you'd be stuck on the floor, likely to be the slobber victim of an 80 pound Labrador who wasn't loved enough as a puppy. Of course, if you were a smart burglar, you would realize that anything of value that we might once have owned has long since been spit on, colored on, mangled, or just lost.

You might consider the house across the street - it's a nice childless couple with a very small dog.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! You are in good hands there...

  2. Yes, I figure robbers would be sadly disappointed in my house, too. Unless they like peanut buttered couches or one more spill from electrocution laptops. Nice that they're holding down the fort!

  3. Love it! Yes, I agree toddlers do provide a great security system. Todd and I would justify our laziness in not picking up Evan's toys at night as a savvy and cheap way of securing our home. One step through our window onto Noah's ark and the jerk would not only have a broken ankle but the catchy tune "one giraffe has spots all over him" would be stuck in his head forever...