Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If less is more, just think how much more more is...

I might be in a manic phase right now. I think it's the unusual amount of daylight this time of year that created the illusion in my mind of having more hours in the day.

In the last few weeks, I have started attending exercise class 3 days a week with a group from church. Not that impressive unless you consider the last exercise class I attended more than once was in college, and I needed the credits. I've ridden my new road bike an incredible number of times, and at unusual times of the day: crack of dawn, check; dusk, check; 95 degrees in the middle of the afternoon, check that too. I've taken my first piano lesson ever, and practiced the 5-note version of "Ode to Joy" enough to make my children run in fear. And I've committed to myself that I will write at least one blog post a day until the BlogHer conference in August.

But now I find that the mania is backfiring, because exercise class comes really early, but I can't go to bed until I blog...thank goodness summer solstice is almost upon us, and the daylight hours will be lessening.


  1. Geez...stop setting your goals so high. I think I'll commit to not using emoticons until the BlogHer fun.

  2. I'm tired just reading about your summer schedule. I'm just hoping to survive the summer!

  3. Ah, Claudia, as one of my favorite poets once said: "the best made plans o mice and men, oft gang aglay."

    Just remember, it's summer, this is the time of year to find balance. Have fun, but do get some sleep.

  4. Wow...good luck...I have no doubt you'll pull it off.