Monday, June 7, 2010


Geocaching: A nice tromp through the woods, or yet another reason I love my new cell phone (even though I have yet to figure out how to actually make a call on the thing).

Have you tried geocaching? I hadn't, until I saw a little description on Wendy's blog (sorry, she's private, or I'd link), and curiosity got the better of me. I looked up the geocaching website during dinner, signed up, and convinced the kids that this was a good use of our evening - with a little help from this video:

So, we looked up our closest cache, put the dog on a leash, and went on a treasure hunt with a GPS-enabled cell phone. Lo and behold, we found it (see Pink with the container under her arm?)!

In retrospect, the 95 degree temperatures, mosquitoes, and black-panting-dog-who-hates-heat should have been a little bit of a deterrent, but what's a little suffering in the name of treasure hunting fun?

There are over a million geocaches out there, and I can't wait to find some more. Long live technology!


  1. What a good mom you are!!!
    We have some good friends in Boise that love to go geocaching! It's a big thing for them!!
    Have fun, may you find some wonderful treasures!!

  2. My sil is totally hooked on geocaching. She loves it, I'm glad it was a fun experience for you!

  3. @jenny - this it so fun - I hope I can convince my kids to keep doing this for a while.

    @lynn - I can see why. Such a sense of accomplishment for a regular old walk or hike.

  4. I've been meaning to try this, or it's much older pre-GPS sibling letterboxing, for a long time. I just haven't quite started yet.

  5. It's too bad we don't live nearer each'd totally have a partner in crime with me.